Hotels in and around Amsterdam – between canals and history

Versatile hotels in and around Amsterdam provide a wonderful backdrop for your city break and exploration of the beautiful surroundings of the Dutch capital. Already the city enchants with its many canals, on which relaxed boat tours can be undertaken, with their cozy buildings and the exciting history. Both city lovers and culture and art lovers will get their money’s worth here. Museums such as the Van Gogh Museum with the world’s largest collection of works by the great master and the Rijksmuseum with its many art treasures attract even a number of museums. The best view of the city can be had at the A’DAM Lookout, where, apart from the beautiful view, even more is offered: here is also “Over the edge”, the highest swing in Europe and a unique experience. Not to be missed is also the neat Jordaan district, also criss-crossed by canals with countless houseboats, small shops and cafes. From your accommodation in Amsterdam, you are also quickly in the varied environment, for example in the historic fishing villages of Volendam and Marken with picturesque wooden houses or in Delft with canals and the typical blue and white ceramics.

Quickly found: the right hotel in Amsterdam and surroundings

At first, the variety of hotels in and around Amsterdam can make it difficult to find the right one for your trip. But do not worry – we’ll make your search as easy as getting there. Amsterdam is easily accessible from Germany via the motorway. In addition, there are direct train connections from Cologne and Aachen, of course, and of course you can also arrive by plane via Schiphol international airport. A city hotel is the best choice to explore the exciting city center, to reach many attractions within walking distance and to get the best feeling for the dynamic city. So you have a large selection of restaurants, cafes and probably the most active nightlife in the Netherlands right on your doorstep. Bitterballen – fried meat ragout balls -, Poffertjes and Co. You can not only find in the numerous restaurants, but also in your hotel, if you decide for half or full board. This has the advantage that you no longer need to worry about the food and instead can devote yourself entirely to exploring the city and the surrounding area. For outings beyond lunchtime, you can take a packed lunch in some hotels. In Amsterdam, you will find everything from well-known hotel chains, to modern accommodation and apartments, to inns in the countryside. There are also hotel pools, massage treatments, child care and many other services. that you no longer have to worry about the food and instead devote yourself entirely to exploring the city and its surroundings. For outings beyond lunchtime, you can take a packed lunch in some hotels. In Amsterdam, you will find everything from well-known hotel chains, to modern accommodation and apartments, to inns in the countryside. There are also hotel pools, massage treatments, child care and many other services. that you no longer have to worry about the food and instead devote yourself entirely to exploring the city and its surroundings. For outings beyond lunchtime, you can take a packed lunch in some hotels. In Amsterdam, you will find everything from well-known hotel chains, to modern accommodation and apartments, to inns in the countryside. There are also hotel pools, massage treatments, child care and many other services.


The capital of the Netherlands, with its 800,000 inhabitants, is one of the smaller representatives of its kind in Europe. Nevertheless, the city convinces with its uniqueness. No matter where you are, the water is never far away and the countless bridges and typical canals lend their charm. Only coffee shops and tulips? Not even close! If you fancy a short city break or a longer stay in the capital of the “flat country”, you will never be bored in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam has many different facets and anyone who visits the city can get to know them from a different angle. Book last minute your trip to Amsterdam and be surprised.

For lovers of historic buildings, the city has plenty to offer. One of the most famous among them is the Royal Palace with its equally famous forecourt “Dam”, The building in Dutch-Classicist style is one of the landmarks of the city. Once it served the citizens as the town hall, but Louis Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother, made it unceremoniously his royal palace. Not to be despised is also the New Church, in Dutch “Nieuwe Kerk”, to the right of the palace. But the Dam not only unites important buildings, but also the typical life of Amsterdam. On the square street artists, artists, musicians, food vendors and so many more gather, making each visit unique. Take a hotel in this cultural city of Amsterdam, ideally right in the center of Dam, and experience their unique charm every day again.

Art lovers visit the museum of the national painter Van Gogh, who would like to learn something about seafaring, visit the Dutch Maritime Museum, and Geschichtsaffine look at the Rijksmuseum (Reich Museum) and get to know the history of the Netherlands. For the slightly different museum experience, there are many unusual alternatives. Indulge in the Anne Frank House move into the world of the most famous Jewish girl and explore the place where she hid with her family. If that’s too much history, you can spend hours in Madame Tussaud’s time between stars and starlets made of wax. But it will be quite extraordinary for everyone on a visit to the unique marijuana museum. For the museum goers, the list is so long and so worthwhile city breaks in the small metropolis Amsterdam for everyone.

Even those to whom museums are too boring, get their money. A visit to the Heinecken Experience invites you on a journey through the history of the brand and clearly explains the brewing art of the well-known beer.


If you want to get to know the city outside the city center, look for a hotel in one of the surrounding neighborhoods. De Pijp is one of them. On the southern edge of the city center, you get to know Amsterdam in a different way. It is a bright scene and student area with its own charm . The small streets provide a lot of cosiness and the small mom and pop shops and boutiques invite you to stroll. The houses in the former working-class district still give a hint of its history and show the other side of the city. Take a seat in one of the small cafes and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Here are also some accommodations for the smaller budget to find.

Those who prefer a quieter pace should choose the Jordaan area. Here you can especially in the upscale hotels of Amsterdam such as the Canal Housenight, one or the other hotel should its rooms but also cheap. So you can work on the neighborhood with short walkways. It is considered the most beautiful district of the city and has much to offer. Far away from tourism, you can enjoy pure life, but without being bored. Here, too, many cafes and shops invite you for a leisurely stroll. Not to forget the street markets. The Lindenmarkt and Noordermarkt attract many different people from all corners. Especially the latter is very popular and offers a colorful audience everything your heart desires. For antiques, second-hand, art, culinary and much more, everyone will come over on Saturday.

Also for the nature lovers Amsterdam has something in store. A visit to the Vondelpark will be a great experience for everyone. The lovingly landscaped park offers a lot of green and small lakes. The locals also like to spend their hours of sunshine here. If you want more peace in nature, you should switch to the larger Westerpark. The English-style garden is a true oasis of tranquility, located in the heart of Amsterdam. Anyone who has a hotel near the train station does not have to walk far to the park.

Small and large animal-loving travelers should not forget the Artis Zoo . It is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and offers a home to many different species of animals.


In addition to the many popular but rather typical recreational opportunities, Amsterdam also offers some extraordinary opportunities. For example, you can explore the city by water. On a trip in the Amsterdam canals you can discover completely different perspectives and be enchanted by the beauty. Or spend the night on the water . A few hotels in the capital such as the Amstel Botel are houseboats. With an overnight stay there, the visit to Amsterdam will be unforgettable.

If you are not quite seaworthy, you can also explore the city by public transport. Metro, tram or buses go to all corners of the city and thus offer the opportunity to reach even the last corner. The central transit point is of course the main train station, also called Amsterdam Centraal, which could not be more beautiful and central. If you arrive by train, the first impression should convince. Not only the great architecture, but also the beautiful location, on a small island on the river IJ, speak for themselves. And here you can find many cheap but nice hotels for a short break in Amsterdam. For example the Hotel Café Internationaal, Anyone who prefers to be physically active during the exploration tour has another means of transport. Do it the same as the inhabitants and take the bike. The city center is anyway a restricted area for motor vehicles and every Amsterdamer uses the bike as often as he can.

If you prefer culture, you should definitely visit the “Concertgebouw”, the world-famous concert hall. It is one of the largest concert halls in the world, holds more than 2,000 spectators and was inaugurated in 1888. It offers every visitor a wonderful evening with its own orchestra.

And if you want to get to know a whole new side of the city, visit the Begijnhof . It is a kind of community in the city and consists of small houses and a church with a central square. Here once single women lived together in religious community and dedicated to social tasks, such as the care of the elderly. A visit to the farm is like a journey through time, where you can feel the cosiness of the earlier days.


If you want to experience not only the city itself, but also one of the extraordinary events that Amsterdam has to offer, you can choose one of the many hotels of all price ranges that are distributed throughout Amsterdam, such as the Sir Albert Amsterdam ,

Especially in the warm months many special events take place. Join in March for the opening of the Keukenhof Gardens with their beautiful tulips, or celebrate the “Konings or Koninginnedag” with the Dutch in April in honor of the monarch .

August has a lot to offer culture and music enthusiasts. The canal festival and the “Uitmarkt” are the biggest festivals in the city. The former offers a lot of live music and other performances on boats and along the canals. A must for every music lover. The “Uitmarkt” then heralds the cultural season. This week will give you a taste of what to expect culturally and musically in the coming months. Everyone really gets their money’s worth at this festival.

Das aber wohl ausgefallenste Event im August ist „Gay Pride Amsterdam“. Es ist eine der wohl bekanntesten „Gay Pride“-Paraden der Welt. Und wo passt sie besser hin als in eine der fortschrittlichsten Städte Europas in Bezug auf die Anerkennung und Gleichstellung von Homosexuellen. Der krönende Höhepunkt ist die „Canal Parade“, eine Art Umzug aus unzähligen buntgeschmückten Booten mit buntverkleideten Passagieren.

Those who prefer to move to the Dutch capital at the end of the year can experience a transformed Amsterdam. Especially on New Year’s Eve you will be captivated by Amsterdam. Spend the New Year on the Dam and enjoy the view of the biggest fireworks in the city. There they can also taste the specialties “Oliebollen” and “Appelflappen”, which are mainly eaten on this special day. However, you can also enjoy a completely different atmosphere on the water. At midnight through the canals of the city and at the latest when it is called “Gelukkig Nieuwjaar”, everyone has fallen for the charm of the Amstel metropolis.

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations among travelers.